Monday, September 26, 2011

Test Time!

After two long weeks of building up my milage finally a cutback week! However, I am not going to be relaxing much because I have chosen to use this cutback week to test my training at the Jacksonville Marine Corps Half Marathon this Saturday. My goal time for this race is 1:50-1:53 and I feel that if I can hit that time and continue my training as planned there should be no reason not to PR in Las Vegas for the marathon (sub 3:59). My current 1/2 marathon PR is 1:48 and I ran that last November. Right now the temperature in Jacksonville for Saturday is calling for a low of 64 degrees and a high of 78. It would be amazing to have the starting temperature around 64-65 degrees, as my recent long runs have been in the 80's.
Wish me luck at Jacksonville!

My 17 mile run this past weekend wasn't my strongest ever. The temperature was already at 80 degrees at 4am & the training group I run with on Saturday usually supplies gatorade and water every two miles, but the group organizer didn't make the run and there was no fluids on route. I need to somehow get on the email list for the Blue Shark Running Team because I would have been more than happy setting up the fluids for everyone before I started my run.

Running Schedule This Week

7 mile run DONE - Sunday
Spin Class or 4 mile run Tuesday
5k at 1/2 marathon race pace Wednesday
Cross train Thursday
Rest Friday
13.1 mile RACE on Saturday

Check out the shirt that I will receive at the Jacksonville Marine Corps 1/2 Marathon...

And here is a bridge that I will run across during the 1/2...

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