Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Jacksonville Half!

This past weekend I ran the Jacksonville Marine Corps 1/2 marathon. I wanted to use this race as a fitness test for my upcoming marathons. I couldn't have asked for a better race day. Upon waking up the temperature in Jacksonville, FL was hovering around 64-65 degrees. It actually felt cool. I've been doing all of my long runs in 80+ degrees so I couldn't believe it was actually going to be in the 60's for the start of the run. Everything about the race went flawless. There were two big bridges, however, they were completed within the first 3 miles of the race. After that it was a flat, shaded, great race. I finished in 1:50 which wasn't a PR but it was where I mentally needed to be to continue training for a 3:50-3:58 marathon in Las Vegas.

This weekend I am headed to Chicago and will be doing my long run during the Chicago Marathon. I have a bib and will be running only 19 miles of the race. I hope to benefit from the cooler temperatures, crowd support and the amazing atmosphere only the Chicago Marathon can offer. I plan on running with the 3:55 pace group during my training run.
Next week is my first 20 mile run... More about that during my next post... Everything is on track & looking good!

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