Friday, January 6, 2012


So many running related events have happened since I ran the Chicago Marathon as a training run and my iPad blogging app decided to fail. I was in the process blogging about my training for the Las Vegas Marathon, Disney Goofy Challenge and Miami Marathon... Unfortunately some interesting things happened and I was unable to share them! The first of those was the 11-11-11 Marathon of Sarasota! The weekend I was supposed to run my last 20 miler before the Las Vegas Marathon I found out that someone dropped out of a race I had applied for the lottery for and I was allowed entry of I wished. The Sarasota marathon was a unique opportunity because it was a 1/2 mile loop course with only 66 runners! I decided that 6.2 miles extra was no problem as long as I just used it as a training run. I met some amazing runners, had the most fun I have ever had at a marathon and finished with a time of 4:05.

The entire 11-11-11 Marathon of Sarasota field!
The best part of the 11-11-11 Sarasota Marathon was meeting the other runners. The amazing pasta dinner, race, and post race party were all very social and fun. Many of the runners were marathon maniacs like myself and 50 state club members (which I have not yet qualified to join). I look forward to running this event next year! - Posted using BlogPress from my iPad

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