Monday, January 30, 2012

Welcome to Miami!

The Miami marathon is over... But this blog will live on. I will continue to write about my training, upcoming races & other running inspired events.

Right now I am contemplating running Miami again - tomorrow morning the Miami Marathon has a registration blitz & you can sign up for the full marathon for only $45! The only conflict is the Gasparilla pirate parade that is held in Tampa. Gasparilla is pretty much the largest party / fun weekend in Tampa all year and it is the same weekend as the Miami marathon. Did I really miss out on it this year? No, because I had a great time in Miami. But do I want to miss Gasparilla again?

Now for the Miami marathon recap... I didn't PR & wasn't even close. I could blame it on a number of things - but I won't even bother. I enjoyed being in Miami. I liked the expo, the vibe & all of the international runners. Was the weather ideal? No. I went out pretty fast for a warm day- my first 1/2 was 1:54. The 2nd half... Not so fast. I finished the marathon in 4:13. The best parts of the marathon were running through the chute of people around mile 10-11 (the energy was awesome!). I also enjoyed running through the Coconut Grove neighborhood. For some reason I do not remember much of the Miami Beach portion of the race. There was never a clear view of the ocean and once we were on Ocean Ave. I felt like we turned and headed right back downtown. I also somehow missed the Cuban coffee aid station around mile 22. My time was shot already so I was going to look for it and enjoy some café!

The Miami Marathon also had an interesting product on course called 82go - which is an 8oz portable packet of water. They were handing this out in addition to the traditional cups of Gatorade and water. I drank the cups of water & then would grab a water packet and use it when I needed a GU or to spray on myself like a sprinkler when I was getting hot. I really enjoyed having those on course and hope other marathons start to have them as an option (not as a replacement) for on course water.

At the Miami Marathon expo I also register for ANOTHER MARATHON, the Fort Lauderdale A1A Marathon on February 19! I am going to let my body recover from Miami by only training with Insanity. I also will be running the inaugural St. Pete Rock & Roll 1/2 marathon Feb. 12. I am curious about the St. Pete 1/2 because the only other Rock & Roll race I have done is Las Vegas & that was a disappointment. We will see if my feelings change about the the Rock and Roll series after St. Pete!

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